Business and professional services

Legal services – Expert witness

Downley Consultants’ knowledge and expertise supports clients in legal and contractual disputes. We have experience in both the geosynthetics and trenchless technology sectors in:

  • UK.
  • USA.
  • Contract arbitration.
  • Expert witness.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Testimony under cross-examination in High Court and arbitration hearings.

Mergers & acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions take place frequently in both the Geosynthetics and Trenchless Technology sectors as companies seek to focus, grow and position themselves to achieve strategic and revenue aspirations. Downley Consultants’ knowledge, expertise and wide range of senior level contacts across the industries, supported by our reputation for integrity and confidentiality, has enabled us to support clients in identifying potential M&A opportunities and introducing the parties to each other positively and constructively.

  • Acquisition targets – analysis & evaluation of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Investment partners – financial and industry partners to support growth and exploit market opportunities.
  • Value chain partners – upstream suppliers or downstream distributors to optimise value propositions and access to global markets.

Development partners

Innovation and new developments are strong drivers of growth in both the Geosynthetics and Trenchless Technology sectors. Downley Consultants’ experience supports Clients through rigorous technical and business analysis of technologies to help innovations flourish and work through the technology development process to successful market entry.

  • Upstream: we can identify and evaluate new technologies to understand their market potential and remaining development needs thus enabling our Clients to acquire or support the development of the innovation and bring it to market  successfully.
  • Downstream: we can identify market potential of innovative technologies and evaluate and contact companies willing to invest and participate in their development for successful market entry, either through partnership, joint venture or acquisition. 

In both cases we evaluate potential partners whose capabilities, innovations and market position will complement the capabilities of our Clients to achieve a successful market entry and sustainable competitive advantage. Where necessary we introduce them and support the initial discussions and negotiations

Project management

  • Management of inspection, assessment and renovation projects.
  • All regions of the world.
  • Multi-language capability.
  • Preparation of tender documents for inspection and rehabilitation works: technical specifications; Employer’s Requirements; Bills of Quantities.
  • Prequalification of suitable Contractors and products.
  • Tender evaluation and award recommendations.
  • Environmental impact and life cycle assessments.
  • QA/QC monitoring of the works.
  • Supervision of the works.
  • Resident Engineer for the works.
  • Budget, accounts and schedule management.
  • Project completion and closure.