Design solutions

We design solutions based around geosynthetics for projects worldwide. Our experience and independence enables us to develop and optimise solutions based on the needs of the customer and the project conditions and purpose. We do this in all four major geosynthetics market segments.

We have provided design solutions to owners, developers, consulting engineers and contractors in Europe, North & South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

We provide our clients with:

  • Conceptual solutions and preliminary design – making best use of geosynthetics to solve challenging engineering and environmental problems elegantly and cost-effectively.
  • Sustainability & environmental impact – solutions that achieve their engineering objectives economically while minimising CO2 emissions, resource depletion and energy demand.
  • Value engineering and project optimisation – ensuring that the technical requirements of the project are met as efficiently and economically as possible.
  • Technical specifications – performance or prescriptive specifications for the geosynthetics works that ensure that the works are correctly undertaken to achieve the engineering, safety and economic objectives of the project.
  • Quality assurance – QA Plans and Manuals for implementation by the project team to ensure compliance with the technical specification and project performance requirements.
  • Liaison – our long-standing knowledge of geosynthetic products and their manufacturers supports liaison between engineers, contractors and manufacturers to use the knowledge and experience of all parties to maximum benefit.