Trenchless technology services

Strategic marketing investigations and intelligence

These projects support our clients in:

  • Strategic planning
    • Existing business areas
    • New product opportunities
    • New market opportunities
    • Appraisal of potential acquisitions
  • Performance measurement.
  • Clear understanding of customers’ needs – especially those that are unmet.
  • Optimising value propositions for successful competitive advantage.

We combine our technical expertise with a broader knowledge of the competitive, social, environmental and regulatory context of markets to provide our clients with information to support management decisions so that they will improve their ability to compete effectively  in their markets. In particular they enable decisions to be made in two critical areas:

  • Which markets to be in.
  • How to gain real, sustainable competitive advantage in them.

Engineering services

Downley Consultants’ expertise and experience extends across the full range of underground pipe network asset management in projects across the world. We provide knowledge and solutions to restore condition and performance of pipeline assets to meet owners’ key service provision targets. Our solutions enable this to be achieved cost-effectively and at acceptable levels of operational risk. These solutions are provided to network owners, facilities managers, consulting engineers, project managers and contractors.

The networks in which we apply this experience and expertise are:

  • Drinking water – distribution and transmission.
  • Wastewater & sewerage.
  • Storm & surface water.
  • Gas – distribution and transmission.
  • District heating.
  • Oil & energy.
  • Industrial:
    • Fire mains
    • Cooling & process water networks
    • Slurry lines

Our network asset management services comprise:

  • Asset audit & health check.
  • Non-revenue water & leakage investigation.
  • Pipeline inspection & investigation.
  • Condition & performance assessment.
  • Sewer rising main/force main assessment.
  • Risk assessment & management.
  • Economic evaluation of options.
  • Asset management plans: renovation, rehabilitation, replacement and operational & maintenance planning.
  • Capital investment & budget planning.