Asset audit & health check

Asset audit and health check

An asset audit and health check is a stand-alone expert engineering review of asset data and preliminary evaluation of condition. The deliverable provides our Clients with a clear understanding of the asset condition and risk and identifies further actions necessary.

The health check may be a precursor to a focused condition assessment programme.

  • Risk analysis and condition assessment.
  • For all networks & pipelines – gravity and pressure.
  • Analysis of quantitative, physical, environmental, operational and observational data.
  • Proprietary algorithms based on Bayesian probability theory to analyse data and risk.
  • A professional expert evaluation of current condition and recommendations on inspections and potential renovation options.
Bayesian probability analysis
Bayesian probability analysis


A report providing an evaluation of each section of the pipeline or network highlighting potential problems, need for temporary or permanent fixes and the need for focused investigation to determine the extent and type of likely defects detected in the audit.

  • Quick results
  • Cost-effective
  • Clear, actionable information